Frequently Asked Questions


UEIBI is a research-oriented, technology-driven company and has received patent grants for our products. We have developed four products for the Indian market and are initially launching two products: 

UER is a unified employee rating system to enhance employees productivity, commitment and ensure holistic growth for both employers and employees.

UHR is a unified human resource system in India for HR and talent spotters to network, collaborate, build goodwill and unleash the power of effective communication.

Our mission is to enhance productivity, ownership in employees and to build a skilled workforce in India. We are determined to enhance business growth, develop new marketplaces, and create a better environment for the ease of doing business. The employee review system also ensures that productive employees have rewarding careers, professional growth, and work-life balance.

Our products are designed with the Indian market in mind. Our products are intended to promote the holistic development of both employers and employees.

All functional registered businesses in India, including but not limited to OPC, LLP, PVT LTD, LTD, Partnership, and Proprietor.

Yes, you have to register with UEIBI to use our services.

We are LIVE in Chandigarh CCR, Jaipur, Lucknow and Delhi NCR. We are launching direct operations in 67 Indian cities very soon.

No, we are not a hiring portal OR resume sourcing OR background verification agency. We are completely into different space. 

We have received patent grant in India. Our unique products are based on extensive research and feedback from the Indian market. We have nothing in common with any other business or concept in India. 

No, we have well thought of all negative aspects and designed the system in such a way that this platform can never be on a negative track. The platofrm ensures that productive employees have better job opportunities, a rewarding career, work-life balance and holistic growth.


There are two important aspects of running a business: ensuring that you have a steady stream of new business opportunities and that your products or services are delivered to the highest standard.

UER (Employee Review System)  and UNET are the results of our in-depth investigation on these topics. We are currently launching UER to ensure that first, we enhance the productive workforce in India, and second, we are prepared for a great inflow with exceptional products, delivery, and team. Our goal is to make it easy for every business owner in India to start and run a business.

In India, there is no EXCLUSIVE HR platform where verified HR and talent spotters (HR professionals) can network, collaborate, and form long-term relationships.

We all understand the value of effective communication, especially when the network is dependable and supportive. As a result, this platform will assist seasoned HR professionals in fostering  goodwill, establishing great networks, facilitating knowledge sharing and simplifying day-to-day operations, while also supporting, mentoring, promoting, and motivating newcomers and enjoy special status with "blue tick".

Productivity and efficiency increase when the team has productive members. Client satisfaction and word-of-mouth recommendations result from increased productivity and exceptional services, which leads to new business and goodwill. Business goodwill leads directly to business growth, profitability and ease of business operations.

Below are the eligibility criteria for companies to register:
- A company should have a valid registration in India with an active website and an official email ID. 
- The number of full-time employees should be greater than 5.
Yes, the primary login gets a feature to create a sub-login (for HR or talent spotter teams) and provide access to manage the operation or required tasks. The primary user has full access control over any sub-users created.

Only one primary user is allowed per company.

No, there is no option to search company profiles and retrieve information. This is a closed network and limited information is available to registered users only.

Data Privacy & Security

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified (Information Security Management System) and using best available technology with security practices.
We have NO editing rights and the information is end-to-end safe. 

Yes, you can visit and check the details. 

Your data is end-to-end safe. We have our own in-house team to complete all tasks.

Yes, we are following GDPR and Indian IT Act practices.

We do not and will not ever disclose any information to any other organisation at any time in the past, present, or future.

This is because of our security policy, which only allows one login at a time and automatically logs out your session from the previous device.